Virtually every aspect of our lives and businesses is impacted by environmental issues: clean air and water, hazardous waste disposal, underground storage tanks (USTs), recycling, agricultural run-off and wetlands mitigation, etc. Coordination with consulting engineers and scientists and thorough due diligence are the keys to anticipating and avoiding or minimizing adverse impacts.

Indoor environmental conditions are a growing concern in our world. Unchecked moisture intrusion and water reservoir build-up in buildings cause microbial growth contamination, exposure to bio-toxins and property loss. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and related conditions, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and Mycotoxicosis may render residences uninhabitable and workplaces debilitating.

The attorneys at HBC represent the interests of developers, landowners, as well as landlords, homeowners and tenants, in environmental evaluation, remediation and regulatory compliance. We prosecute and defend claims based on environmental conditions.